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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

An Interview With a Show House Owner

We met up at the Allston Cafe, a central hub for many of the kids that hang out in Allston. He sat there, reading a hand-made skate magazine while answering many of my questions, his eyes flitting up and around every once in a while, but mostly staying glued to the page.

I ask What made you decide to move to Boston? For school, I'd always wanted to go to The Museum School. I was considering moving to New York, but I lived so close to New York that I wanted a change. I guess I wanted to live in a city that wasn't as hectic. Plus I didn't like any of the schools in New York, anyway.

How long have you lived in Allston? 4 and a half years.

Have you ever moved away from Allston, and then back again? If so what brought you back? I didn't move away from Allston for any particular reasons, mostly just for health stuff. I always came back.

What made you decide to open up your house to Basement shows?
I'd been wanting to do that since I was 15, or so; mostly because I was going to garage shows in my home town. Like this place called "The Garage". It was run by some old punk dudes, and I remember seeing bands like The Assistant play there. It just made me want to get more in the underground scene where you can have DIY and Punk and Hardcore shows, without having to go and rent a hall which I think is ridiculous when you can have them in a basement or garage to make it more intimate. Rather than catering for everyone else in that environment. I'd been planning it since checking out the house [that I live in]. I moved into the house with 8 original people, now it's about 17 or 18. Originally we only owned the left half of the house, after a year, we took over the whole right side of the house as well. We suggested it to the landlord that another 8 friends of ours should move into the right side. During the second year [all the original kids] stayed there, progressively they all moved out or left. Since 2006 I'm the only original person living there.